Bad Hair Day for Hawks

This juvenile Hawk was struggling keeping groomed. Not sure what kind he is.

Date: Winter 2009
Location: Ramsey Park, Harlingen, Texss

Green Heron

I had a great time photographing this Green Heron. He seemed very content to let me take his picture. Great markings and color.

Date: August 2009
Location: Ramsey Park, Harlingen Texas
Behavior: Very quiet and still. Hardly moved the whole time I sat near the pond's edge.

Night Heron

First time my kids saw one of these they thought it was a penguin.

Yellow-billed Cuckoo

My first year of serious birding yielded this great find. I didn't know they even came through the Valley. I was smitten and he was annoyed but tolerated us pretty well.

Date Spring 2006
Location: Sheephead Dr. South Padre Island, Texas
Behavior: He was so tired he couldn't fly away. He just kept looking down at me as if to say. "you're still here?" We left him perched facing the afternoon sun. What an amazing experience.


I love Sparrows but even I get tired of hearing them sometimes. Evidently so did this male! Thank you Bill Bull for sharing this picture that someone shared with you!

Aplomaldo Falcon Near Rio Hondo, Texas

On our way to go birding at Laguna Atascosa my sister Sara noticed this Aplomado Falcon off at a distance. Not the best shot but still thrilled us to watch him. We saw him near this same spot almost a year ago.

Another great job of spotting Sis!

March 2011
Location: Farm Road outside of Rio Hondo, Texas.
Behavior: He was sitting near a Cara Cara and Vultures waiting a turn to eat something dead in the recently plowed field.

Indigo Snake and Frogs at Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge

These frogs were all knotted together sitting on the side of a small water tank.

Below the water tank we saw the Indigo snake getting closer and closer. His tail started to twitch just like a Rattlesnake. Obviously there was something behind the tank we couldn't see.

Suddenly a frog jumped 5 ft into the air and so did the snake catching it mid-air. When it landed the frog got away but then jumped a second time and was caught mid-air a second time. The snake carried it off to the brush area but still within our view. He seemed to enjoy his lunch and we enjoyed to photographing the wild nature moment.

Oh, I forgot to mention there was an alligator sitting in the water tank the whole time.


Chachalacas and Their Chick

Please click on the picture to enlarge it so you see the small Chachalaca chick on the right. I love to feed them watermelon but I have decided they will eat anything! I looked out and wondered what a quail was doing in my yard then I saw it again with this pair of Chachalacas. What a treat. Eventually we saw 2 chicks.

Date May 2010
Location: My backyard
Behavior: Very guarded the second time I spotted them. The stay close by the chicks.

Northern Cardinal

I included this because I love the shot! Very busy with reflection of the trees but that is why I love it.

Date:January 2009
Location: Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
Behavior: Sitting on the edge contemplating a bath.

Coopers Hawk in my backyard!

This hawk likes to hang out in my backyard and misbehave. He can sure empty a yard when he shows up. A couple of days ago I saw him sweep down and hit a squirrel. The squirrel not only got away but chased the hawk off. Yay squrriel!

Date March 2011
Location: My backyard in Harlingen, Texas
Behavior: Sits on back fence watching over the yard. Sometimes sit on telephone pole in alley and makes calls for up to an hour at a time. Has been seen bathing and drinking from the watering station in the back of our yard.