Lesser Goldfinches The "Swingset" Birds

We first saw these beautiful birds in my front yard in 2009. Female was taking a bath in the overwatered flowerbed while the male sat in the tree. He made a sound that could be heard for blocks away that sounds just like a distant swing squealing under the weight of a child. That is how we know what to listen for while birding.

Here is a male. He stays high in the trees unless he finds a sunflower seedhead worthy of hanging around for lunch.

This female made herself at home on my new "old" screen window birdfeeder. She stayed eating for 3 days but I never spotted the mail dropping in for food.

I bought a sock you hang with niger seed that supposedly finches are crazy about. Haven't seen either one since.

Date: February 2011
Location: My backyard
Behavior: She was very hungry which made her less intimidated by other birds at feeder but male was very shy and never came to feeder while I was watching. He was not far away though because I could hear his "swingset" call.