Cougar at Laguna Atascosa

Friends from Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge sent me this picture of a Cougar. Cougars are one of 5 wild cats here in South Texas. This picture was taken at night from a motion-sensor camera. I have such a camera and plan to set it up in my yard facing the birding station. I know we have had raccoons, armadillos and possumns. Who knows I may have a cat toobut not as big as this Cougar!

Date: March 2011
Location: Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge
Behavior: Appears to be looking for food at night which would be typical. Also note: An adult Cougar is between three and four feet long with a tail of two and half to three feet. Its height at the shoulder is between 25-30 inches and it can weigh anywhere from 70-170 pounds. These cats are solitary, except during breeding. Young, usually two to three cubs, can be born almost any time of the year. Females usually breed every two to three years.